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Tips to Transition from Indoor Volleyball to Beach

As you might know already, there are two main types of volleyball that you can play the regular one that is the more popular one which is played indoors and the beach one that is played outside on sand. When choosing between these two types of volleyballs, people often make the mistake of choosing the more common type which is indoor, simply because more people are doing it. however, later on, they discover how much more fun they can have playing beach volleyball. Well, there is a solution to that issue and it is possible only if you are a member of an academy that offers both types of volleyball. If your academy doesn’t offer both types of volleyball, then you don’t have a lot of options, other than finding one that does.

Even if your academy has both types, it takes special methods to transition a player from indoors to beach volleyball. People don’t look at this as something serious because the rules are the same and you play the same way. However, that is not true completely, here are some tips that will help you make this transition much faster and easier.


The first tip that we have for you is to make sure that you improve your conditioning because that is the main difference between indoor and beach volleyball. Playing indoors is much easier because the ground beneath you is sticky and you can move around quickly and easily. However, with the beach volleyball, things are a lot different, you have to play on a court that is covered with sand. As you might know, having quick reactions in volleyball is really important and it can be a game changer.post1b Just imagine playing a game of sand, you cannot move nearly as fast as you can on a regular court. That is the reason you need to have better conditioning, you will have to burn up much more energy to just move around.

The Sun

One of the things that you have to get used to is the power of the sun. It is always nice to go and take up some sun while on the beach, but you never really tried playing sports while on the sun. If you had experienced that type of playing, then you already know how hard that is, especially when you are also playing on hot sand. You really have to be prepared both mentally and physically for this transition. The best way is to start changing slowly, that way your body can have enough time to adjust to those changes. The sun part is something that you have to push through, no matter how hot the day is you always have to put out your best plays.